Everyone in their own time

This past weekend, my family and I celebrated the high school graduation of my niece, Liamarie. Once I got over the shock of her already being old enough to be out of high school, I thought about all of the wisdom I wanted to bestow upon her to save her some hard life lessons. I wanted to convince her that although ilfe seems uncertain and scary right now, everything is playing out just as it should; that she will find her place in the world exactly when she is meant to, so not to worry. I wanted to help her see that the true significance in life comes from our connections to one another and not about what job she lands or whether or not she goes to college. I wanted to say, so convincingly, “Don’t worry about this new freedom and lack of day-to-day, school-related structure. The world is your oyster!” But, as with all of us, Liamarie must experience, firsthand, life’s trials and tribulations. Only then will she grow and evolve in the way she is meant to. Only then will she realize that it is in the experiencing of these challenges that she is fully immersed in life. Isn’t there some saying about giving a man a fish vs. teaching him to fish? Yeah, yeah, that’s it. Liamarie must learn how to fish.


3 comments on “Everyone in their own time

  1. Kerri best of luck with your new blog! I love it!!

    I read your last site and am proud to say that by reading it and your experience with joining soccer AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and sign up for Volleyball on Monday nights at my old high school. (its Adult Ed, I can’t believe I am doing it!) Though I have never been a great athlete,( but a great fan!) I need to do something for me. My husband, Jeremy plays hockey once a week and I decided to try this and see if this could be my thing. Thanks for the inspiration!! Best of luck with the new site.
    GA- Babylon, New York

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog, Liamarie. Yes, you are famous now! And once I figure out how to upload a photo, your beautiful face will be up here, too! Oh, and about that fishing thing…. I’ll be sure to give you some tips, but the reeling ‘em in is all you kiddo! Love you!

  3. well auntie Kerri, it is me the famous Liamarie hahha
    I feel sooo special to be in this so called “blog” of yours… are you sure this thing is safe hahaah…. well if i must learn to fish first…. lets learn together! haha or just teach me…

    Love you lotsssssss…..

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