What’s Your Secret?

We often hear that you never know what truly goes on with people behind closed doors (or deep in their heads and souls). We spend so much time wearing the various masks that we believe our lives, situations, jobs, etc. need us to adorn, when really, the true connection between human beings comes from our ability to be vulnerable and needy.

I encourage you to check out this website: PostSecret. It’s amazing, funny, disturbing, sad, inspiring, and devastating. The idea behind it is someone designs a postcard that represents a secret he or she has been harboring. On this postcard, they write their secret and anonymously send it to PostSecret. Every Sunday, new PostSecrets are posted on the website.

The site has the amazing ability to remind us all that we are not alone; that everyone has difficulties in their lives. The site also includes helpful resources for those considering suicide or struggling with other hardships.

Check it out. You’ll be glad you did. And let’s remember – we are all human beings trying to do the best we can every day.


3 comments on “What’s Your Secret?

  1. You are both right! I wasn’t sure it if was real the first time I visited. Kerri, your point about how a smile can change someone’s day is so true. That is one of motivating factors behind my idea, One Kind Act a Day! http://www.onekindact.com
    I would love to see the folks at Hay House get behind something that this, then it would be huge! We are all truly blessed…

  2. Thanks, Joan. I don’t remember to visit that site each week to see the new postcards, but whenever I do log on, I am always sad to see so many suffering in silence. But, that’s what’s great about this site. It allows people to share in a safe and anonymous way.

    It’s very true what you said – you never know how a kind smile at someone can completely change their day. Here in New England, we’re not too good at the eye contact and smiling to strangers thing, so maybe I’ll start a revolution! 🙂

  3. You are so right on with this. Everyone has their social face and their true inner face. And what is so sad is that people all around us are struggling with feelings of abandonment or sorrow or fear. People are seldom what they appear on the outside. So a kind word or a smile can reach out to people in ways we can’t imagine.
    You’re right…that website is a wakeup call of sorts. And I thank you for your insight and powerful reminder to all of us.

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