It’s the most wonderful time….

If you find that the title of this post gets that holiday song stuck in your head and you don’t want it there, do what a good friend of mine recommends to rectify the situation. Start signing “Yellow Submarine” instead. He swears it’ll clear the stuck song. Kind of like mental sorbet. It really does work! (Thanks, DeMo).

It really is a pretty wonderful time of the year. I love the magic of the holiday season. As I sit here among treats I bought for the ones I love, with “Year Without a Santa Claus” on the TV (now I’m singing the Heat Miser song), and my beautifully lit Christmas tree in my peripheral vision, I am once again reminded of how much this season warms my heart.

Earlier this week, I was in NYC for business, and with each step down 6th Avenue, I felt like I was in each of those holiday movies I love. Street performers were playing holiday songs on the saxophone, dozens of people were skating in Rockefeller Center, and all the lights were aglow. I stopped into St. Patrick’s Cathedral and lit candles and said a prayer of thanks for my wife and parents and siblings, a prayer of strength and good wishes for my friend, Beth, and my friend, Lisa’s, husband, who both are bravely battling cancer, and a prayer of continued joy and hope for me. Although it was a quick, overnight trip to the Big Apple, it was magical nonetheless.

Last night, I did some shopping and strolling in my town’s center where carolers walked the streets singing, and town organizations passed out hot cocoa and treats. From the hustle and bustle of the big city to the quaintness of my storybook New England home town, the joy of the season is all around me.

Yes, some complain of the stress this time of year can bring. Although I am not completely immune to it, I just do my best to not let it steal all my wonder. If you find yourself stressing over last minute shopping or annoyed by the traffic, throw on some holiday tunes and take some deep breaths. No matter your situation, give thanks for what you do have.

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night.


2 comments on “It’s the most wonderful time….

  1. Again, Kerri thanks for including me so that I can continue to get a glimpse of what is happening in your world; that really means a lot. I miss the two of you and love how your stories make me feel apart of your world.

    Happy Holidays my cousins; much love, Dina.

  2. Thanks, Kerri, for your thoughtful words and for your prayers. I, too, have been blessed as we begin another joy-filled Christmas season and appreciate daily the little reminders of what life truly means to me.

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