A Fun, Little Suggestion

On New Year’s Eve, I decided to start keeping a daily Gratitude Journal. Each night before I go to sleep, I write a list of five things for which I am grateful from my day. I’ve made a commitment to do it every night, and so far, so good. I keep my journal right on my nightstand as a reminder. If I have had a particularly challenging day it can be difficult to come up with five, but once I do, I find it is those days when I needed to do the exercise the most.

I am loving this new part of my day, so thought I’d share it in case anyone else cared to start their own. Enjoy!


3 comments on “A Fun, Little Suggestion

  1. Hey Ker,
    When I had my major crisis/breakthrough almost 6 years ago I kept a daily gratitude journal for almost a full year. I have always strived to be a positive person on the outside but I had never made that an ‘internal’ goal… I have always been plagued by negative thoughts about myself and judgements of others. Now, I am no where perfect (yet!) but it made a huge difference to focus on the positive aspects of my day. Some days are not as good as others but I could still be grateful for being alive, having a job, enough to eat, knowing where I would sleep that night, etc. It had a huge impact! And I have found that the voice in my head is not as negative as it was toward me or anyone else (if only I could carry this into driving, my next hurdle!). I hope you have as positive experience as I did! Say hi to Missy for me!

  2. What a great idea! I have been struggling with what to write in my journal and will try this exercise to get started.

  3. I so believe in being grateful. I also write my gratitudes down. I really feel it helps the soul. You Go Kerri girl!

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