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A Random Rant

When did it become o.k. for anyone to bring dogs, other than guide dogs, into establishments? Now you should know, I am a huge animal lover. Animals are a very important part of my life. They bring me such joy. However, it seems once the starlets in Hollywood starting carrying around these tiny dogs as if they were just another accessory to their outfit, the “trend” if that’s what you want to call it, spread.

I get, and understand, how the fashions in Hollywood are often picked up and are the main influence of each season’s fashions. But, these poor, little animals are living, breathing, feeling creatures. I have a hunch that they are not too thrilled with being dressed up in tiny designer clothing, tossed in a Louis Vuitton bag, and brought along on your latest shopping excursion.

I see people with their dogs in the most unlikely places – stores, cafes, even some healthcare offices! Why are these people not being told that it is not acceptable nor appropriate to bring your canine friends to these places?

I’m not going to even begin on people who leave their dogs in their cars while they are off and about….

And there you have it. My random rant for January 13. 🙂


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