The Joys of Tax Time

Could you smell the sarcasm in that title? Yes, it’s that time of the year. Tax time.

Before I had my own business, I couldn’t care less about tax time, and didn’t know why people got all stressed out about it. Except for the one (yes, I only lasted one) tax season I worked in my family’s tax office – talk about stress!

As an entrepreneur, each year my taxes get more complicated. Every spring, I deal with the gathering of information, checking and double-checking of figures, and poring through my files – and I commit to getting a crackerjack bookkeeper to manage my accounts throughout the year. Yet, I don’t follow through. Well, I am committing again, this time in writing, to get that bookkeeper ASAP and get things in better order. Although I am pretty organized (or so I think), come tax time, all the holes in my systems are doing the “ha-ha, told-you-so, should-have-hired-a-bookkeeper” dance. And they look too damn happy doing it, so no more!


One aspect of tax time that I’m somehow able to handle gracefully is the paying of my taxes. Believe it or not. While I certainly don’t like to part with that kind of money, I really see it as an indication of success. To live with integrity and be a law-abiding citizen, I have no choice but to pay them, so I might as well look at the bright side and what the figure owed reflect – success, the honor of working with many different types of people and helping them along the path to a better quality life, the gifts and lessons I’ve received from working with them. So while I’m not thrilled to see the money leave my account, I’m proud of what it means.

Besides, next year’s going to be a breeze – what with my amazing new bookkeeper and all!


2 comments on “The Joys of Tax Time

  1. Hi Kerri
    It just so happens I know an amazing, crackerjack Bookkeeper!
    Ask me about her at the game today.

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