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A Spontaneous Day with Friends

Sometimes no plans are the best plans. A few weekends ago, Melissa and I found ourselves with an entire Saturday free (with the way our schedules typically are, this is a rare occurrence!). We decided a couple days prior to go kayaking. Coincidentally (or is it?) the day before, we got an email from two of our very best friends – DeMo (aka Chris) and Nikki wondering if, by chance, we were available on Saturday as they both had the day off. (Where they both work in retail, their schedules are crazier than ours, and they very rarely get a day off together – and we don’t get to see them anywhere near as much as we’d like to). They were thinking about going – you guessed it – kayaking.

As Nikki so aptly put it – the stars must have aligned for all of us to be available, not to mention to be planning on spending the day the same way. They headed out our way and we were off to Rockport, MA to get in the water. Although it was incredibly windy that day and quite intimidating out in the ocean, we weren’t going to let it spoil our day. We kayaked for a couple of hours then headed out for some afternoon drinks.

Beyond kayaking, we had no set plans. Melissa and I imagined we wouldn’t have their company for too long since they have a couple of dogs who, when nature calls, are surprisingly unable to let themselves out. However, their realtor happened to be at their house that day to do a showing and offered to let the dogs out for them. So, now they were in no rush to head home. I guess the stars really were aligning…

We headed to The Rudder in Gloucester for dinner (thanks for the recommendation, Tim) where we had delicious cocktails, dinner, desserts and so many laughs, our faces were killing us by the time we left. As we headed back to the car, DeMo stopped at a small stretch of beach to take in the view. This brief stop turned into about an hour of sea-glass scouting and many fun and goofy photos.

This open day with no plans turned into one of the funnest days of our summer thus far. It made us appreciate how much we love our friends and how much we miss them when we don’t get together more often. The day also acted as a lovely reminder to create space in your calendar for spontaneous opportunities, and to just go with the universal flow.

Here are a few snapshots from our day (Despite the appearance of Nikki crying, I swear the one of me pointing and laughing at her is because she is laughing so hard). Oh, that last shot? Yeah, DeMo considered this a model pose. Me? I think it’s more corpse-like….

Click the thumbnails to see them larger.

imagine.jpg crylaugh.jpg monkeys.jpg goofyhat.jpg rocks.jpg


One comment on “A Spontaneous Day with Friends

  1. You know what I love more than anything? A coach without a plan! 😉

    I loved reading this…loved how vivid your joy was in it. Thanks for sharing the pics. (Next time, if you could pin on monkey tails when you do the hear/speak/see no evil thing…)

    Your words made me wonder — what if we made more effort to do nothing, plan nothing? What would the universe provide? I love the image of the Buddhist begging bowls, where monks leave with only a bowl in the morning, trusting they will get the sustenance they need.

    At the intersection of spaciousness and trust is abundant opportunity. I am glad that you found it, that you found so much happiness.



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