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An Overdue Follow-up

Signing on to my blog, I hadn’t realized quite how long it had been since my last post. It seems appropriate, given my last post, to reflect on Beth’s service, held a little more than a month ago.

There was a beautiful and very fitting tribute to Beth, which many, many attended. It truly was the most well organized and well done service I have been to. The way Jim, Devon, Jud, and others coordinated the day allowed us to feel we were 232049889_c87e33f2c7_m.jpgall there to grieve, celebrate Beth’s memory, and support each other – everyone. There was space created for all of us to feel whatever we were feeling. Several people, representing the many different aspects of Beth’s life, spoke and all did such a phenomenal job.

The service was followed by an intimate luncheon for a smaller crowd. While we members of Beth’s soccer team first wondered if it appropriate for us to be there, or should it just be family, those thoughts were quickly washed away as people came over, eager to meet “the soccer girls.” They were excited to meet the women who Beth shared this passion with, and we were thrilled to represent.

While at the outdoor luncheon, the largest, most exquisite monarch butterfly spent the day with all of us. As it took turns hovering over what seemed like each and every table, you saw several people smile slightly with communal knowing, as if to say, “Hi, Beth.” Her spirit was strong and present the whole day, and we all left truly filled with joy at remembering her and infused with her energy.

Beth is so very missed and I am reminding of just how much at each and every soccer game. As I arrive on Sundays and assess how many players we have, I scan the group for her face. Although I never see it, I see her spirit each time.


One comment on “An Overdue Follow-up

  1. Hi Kerri,
    I love your blog! I had to comment on this one because butterflies have special meaning for me as I’m sure they do for a lot of people. Transformation!!

    Thank you for your beautiful writings.

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