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A Follow-up to My Follow-Up

patch.jpgSo, I write my last blog entry about Beth’s memorial service and mention the presence of the Monarch butterfly at the luncheon. Fast forward to yesterday – Sunday. I’m at my soccer game, in position as a right wing defender (where Beth played on our team), ready to start the match. Before the ball is played, I notice a beautiful butterfly soaring around above me. Yes, a Monarch. I point out to some teammates that Beth’s here and ready to play! The butterfly then lands on a leaf about 2-3 feet in front of me – in position as the right wing defender. “Look, gals,” I say to my teammates. “She’s in position!” They couldn’t see her from where they were standing, so I walked closer to point to it. This butterfly let me get right next to her and point directly at her so they could see where she was before fluttering off.

As a side note, yesterday was also the day we received our patches we will all be wearing permanently on our jerseys from here on out to honor Beth (see photo).

It was a wonderful start to a perfect, early fall day of soccer, and I was thrilled to have Beth there with us.


One comment on “A Follow-up to My Follow-Up

  1. wow that’s nice… life is filled with mysteries, and it special moments.

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