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Some Musical Suggestions

I’ve been listening to some wonderful music lately and thought, “Why keep this joy to myself?” 🙂 So, if you’re looking for new additions to your iPod, here are my suggestions:

Unglamorous (entire CD) by Lori McKenna. This is Lori’s new album and her first major label recording. She is a local (Massachusetts) folk-country singer and mother of five. I first heard of her music through my brother, Steve, and his wife, Janice. Janice has been a fan of her songs for quite some time, and for her 40th birthday party a few years back, Steve surprised her with an elegant, intimate gathering at a beautiful inn in Connecticut. Part of the evening’s surprises was a live performance by Lori McKenna. Janice even got to sing with her! From that night on, I’ve been a fan. Lori’s been big in the Boston scene for a while, but it wasn’t until Faith Hill heard some of her songs, fell in love with her songwriting, and covered a few of the tunes on her album, Fireflies, that the world got to know her magic. Lori is an incredible storyteller in her songs, so listen closely! I particularly recommend the songs I Know You, Leaving this Life, and the title track, Unglamorous.

Little Voice (entire CD) by Sara Bareilles. I downloaded “Love Song” as an iTunes free download of the week and enjoyed it. Then, I heard more of the CD at my hair salon and loved just about all of it. She’s got a little bit of Fiona Apple in her sound, but is also uniquely her own.

Bubbly (song) by Colbie Callait. This is just a fun, catchy, cute tune. Nothing earth-shattering, just fun to sing along to, and very sweet.

Hey There Delilah (song) by Plain White T’s. I love the simplicity of the sound and of the lyrics.

Into the Wild (Music for the motion picture) (CD) by Eddie Vedder. I just saw this movie a couple nights ago and loved the music in it, all written by Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam fame) specifically for this film. It’s yet to be determined if I’ll enjoy the music without the power of the movie behind it, but with Eddie affiliated with it, chances are likely. (In my humble opinion, one of the greatest recordings of all time is Pearl Jam’s album, Ten).

That’s all that comes to mind at the moment. I hope you find a tune or two in there to add to a play list. I’m sure there’ll be future posts with more.

There’s so much good music out there, much of which never gets heard unless it’s recommended. So, if you think there’s something worth hearing, chime in and leave a comment!

To the power of music…


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