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Red Sox Are World Champs – Free Tacos for Everyone!

If you hadn’t heard, the fast food chain, Taco Bell, ran a promotion stating if the Red Sox197267114_ed294bcaa1_m.jpg won the world series, they would give away free tacos during a 3-hour window on a particular day. Well, as I’m sure most of you know, the Red Sox did in fact win. So, this afternoon, I’m at the mall, and, as I’m leaving through the food court, I see about 50-75 people in line at Taco Bell. Today must be the special day! Oh, did I mention that this particular taco, on any normal day, retails for a whopping 89 cents? Boy, people must really love free stuff. I certainly wouldn’t spend an hour in line for an free taco.

In my humble opinion, I think Taco Bell could have taken this one step further and really put some meaning behind it. What about a suggestion to the customers who are saving the dollar to drop a buck in a collection can at the registers with the promise that all money collected would go toward feeding the hungry? Even if only half of those cashing in on the free taco contributed, I’m guessing all the Taco Bells combined would have collected quite a significant chunk for those less fortunate.

Now, the Jordan’s Furniture campaign I would have jumped on. If you bought furniture at any of their locations during the promotion period and the Red Sox ended up winning the World Series, your furniture is free. That’s right. Free. I know people who took advantage of this, and they scored BIG.

Don’t know if I’ll be seeing any of these great promotions in the future as I think the Red Sox have relinquished their title as the Underdog. Nice job, men. Now be sure to share the wealth and donate to those who could really use it, preferably not in the form of a taco.


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