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The Kramer Chronicles, Part III: The Reunion

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been almost six months since I’ve written. Well, as promised – here’s the next installment of The Kramer Chronicles. The Reunion piece has taken a different form. It was my intention to share stories of Kramer, Missy, and I coming together again when we moved to Boston, however, we’ve experienced a reunion of a different kind.

Less than four weeks after saying goodbye to our dear companion, Kramer, Missy calls me from work. “So, I got an email from a woman in the accounting department.” Instantly my mind started racing. Did they make a mistake in her paycheck? Are we getting some bonus cash? OK, maybe I should stop trying to guess in my head and just listen. “What about?” I said. And the rapid ramble began.

“Well, it seems her cat had kittens and she brought some of them in and I went down to see them and they’re so cute and they’re only six weeks old so they can’t leave their mom yet and there’s one who has a beard like Kramer did and I know it’s really soon, but they’re soooooo cute and we should really go see them together because what if maybe the beard is a sign and Kramer wants us to welcome a new kitten into our lives. I dunno. What do you think?”

That’s not what I was expecting at all with an email from accounting. My initial reaction was No way! Too soon! I am still missing Kramer big time and how dare we even consider replacing him like this. Plus, after taking care of a sick cat for so long, I was spent. I needed a break. So I hemmed and hawed and finally agreed to just go see them.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – like I’m not going to come home with one if I go see them. Well, you’d be wrong. We came home with two – adorable sisters who love to wrestle, cuddle, and play together. Their names are Kiva and Kaya. Check them out below – how cute are they? Kiva is the calico one (on the left) and Kaya is the gray and white.

The Babies

This is when they were just bitty babies.

Not only have we been reunited with Kramer in the spirit sense (I see and feel him around me often), but Kaya has so many traits and idiosyncracies similar to Kramer, I’m convinced he sent these babies our way. While it took some adjustment to the new little ones much sooner than we had planned, we are so thrilled to have them in our lives. And thanks, Kramer, for coming back to us in many different ways.


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