This Blog Post is Amazing!

This is the most amazing blog post you’ll ever read. Really, truly amazing. Like, oh my gosh, so AMAZING.

Am I alone in thinking that the word “amazing” has become way overused? Everything seems to be amazing these days. “That’s an amazing shirt.” “I just made the most amazing cheesecake.”

Amazing, by definition, means causing great surprise or sudden wonder. It’s a bit of a stretch to say a piece of cake causes sudden wonder.

Now I’m not without fault. I throw out my own “amazing” now and then, but as I grow more tired of hearing it, I at least put forth some effort to pull a different adjective from my vocabulary arsenal. Besides, when everything is amazing, really nothing is.

Like Alanis Morissette sings in her song “One” – “Did you just call her amazing? Surely we both can’t be amazing.” Au contraire, Ms. Morissette, apparently everything and everyone can be amazing. I mean, look at how many times I used the word in this blog – 16  (including title and image, for those of you who I know will count).

Sixteen uses. Now THAT’S amazing.


4 comments on “This Blog Post is Amazing!

  1. LOL. Thanks Mom & Dad. You guys are AMAZING! I agree, Dad – we always joke around with the phrase “if you will.” Silly, really.
    Love you both!

  2. I thought I posted a comment earlier but must have lost it.I also can not stand some words or phrases such as
    “IF YOU WILL” What does that mean????
    Kerri you are the english major of the family so it shows in how you expressed yourself in this analysis.
    Do not pick on my wording.


  3. Honey, that blog was awesome, notice I didn’t use that
    word, because you are amazing (oops)

    Love, Mama

    BO7 Medway is cold



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