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Who is Kerri?

Welcome to my blog!

A little bit about me… Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I am the youngest of seven children. Growing up, I watched my father build a very successful tax firm, seeing his first clients in a back section of our house that he made into his small office area. Due to his hard work and his spreading reputation of the care he took when meeting with his clients, his business grew relatively quickly, and soon he was leasing an office space in town. It was by watching him that I first learned the importance of putting relationships before results.

So, was I therefore destined to step into the family tax business when I got older? Although math certainly came easily to me, an angel, appropriately named Dr. Devine, stepped into my life as my 8th grade English teacher. Dr. Devine shared his passion and love of words – the arrangement of them, the power within them, and the impact they had on their readers. He taught his students the various parts of speech through songs and jingles. On any given test day, you’d see us tapping our pencils on our desks or tapping our feet as we sang the songs to remember the role of the direct object in a sentence. After this year in school, it was goodbye math, hello writing.

I went off to college where I got my Bachelor’s degree in English/Communications with concentrations in Journalism and Writing. After college, I worked as the Managing Editor of the New England edition of a national nursing magazine. In the small office of 6 or so people, I wore many different hats. I was responsible for reviewing and editing every word that went into each biweekly issue – whether that was advertisements, “fillers”, or articles – they were all my babies. I was also given the unique responsibility (for an editorial person, that is) of laying out the actual magazine. I loved the diversity of duties at my job – they always kept me on my toes!

The other key component of my job was helping novice nurse writers get their words published. Our magazine was a quick, conversational-type read – a great place for new writers to get their feet wet. Through my coaching them on Writing 101, I also found myself coaching them on the obstacles they encountered while trying to meet the deadline. I helped them with time management, eliminating energy drains to make the energetic space they needed to write, and offering support and accountability in their getting the broken-down action steps completed.

I found myself gravitating more and more toward this aspect of my job, and I then began coaching people on the side – writers and non-writers. Over time, I was building my own coaching and editing business while continuing to work full time. That is until February of 2005 when my business had grown enough that I was able to leave my magazine job and become a full-time entrepreneur.

I am now a life coach, writing coach, and professional speaker. As a life coach trained through the schools of Coachville, I partner with clients to help them attain their goals, whether that is more time for themselves, a new career, pursuing their passion, or developing more intimate relationships. Through the elimination of energy drains, the definition of action steps, and the establishing of effective boundaries, I gently guide clients down the path they have longed to travel.

Combining my life coaching work with my experience in editing and writing coaching, I also support and guide new writers, hobby writers, as well as writers working to get published. As a former Managing Editor, I have been in the seat of accepting and rejecting articles, and therefore, know what editors want to see. The services I offer through my company include an educational and coaching component, where I help writers identify and overcome obstacles standing between them and their writing goals, while helping them to understand the components of strong writing.

I am very fortunate to do work that I love and to meet all sorts of wonderfully interesting people. I hope you’ll return to my blog and say hello from time to time.

For more information on the services I provide, take a look at www.kerririchardson.com.


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